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Use of Digital Twins in the Production of Aluminium Extrusions

Wednesday 2nd December 14:00 - 14:30

Digital twins as part of Industry 4.0 play an important role in the ongoing digitalization of the manufacturing industry. This presentation is focused on the use of a digital twin dedicated for production of aluminium extrusions. The basic components are high precision physics-based models that follow the evolution of the microstructure through the extrusion process chain. A neural network-based optimisation algorithm is used for optimising production parameters. The digital twin is flexible and is used for several applications including adaptive control and optimisation of alloys and processing conditions for the whole process chain from casting to extrusion. In adaptive control, production data are transferred to the digital twin that makes quick assessments to detect if any corrections are needed in the following process steps. If corrections are needed, the digital twin calculates modified process parameters that secure that the final properties of the extrusion end up within pre-defined tolerance limits. The presentation will also illustrate the use of the digital twin in the planning and pre-production phase where costs and CO2 emissions are additional variables that need to be minimised. The predictions by the digital twin have been validated through comparison with full-scale trials at an extrusion press, and this confirms that the predicted improvement can indeed be realised in real production.

Speaker: Hans Erik Vatne, SVP, Chief Technology Officer at Norsk Hydro ASA

Use of Digital Twins in the Production of Aluminium Extrusions

Hans Erik Vatne (51) is Chief Technology Officer in Hydro and heads Hydro’s Corporate Technology Office. He holds a Master degree in Physics and a PhD in Metallurgy, both from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway. He has more than 20 years of experience within the aluminium industry in Hydro, holding positions in R&D, rolling operations (a.o. plant manager at Holmestrand Rolling Mill, Norway), Head of Business Unit Remelters and lately Chief Technology Officer. Vatne is also board member of the faculty of natural sciences at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway, and chairman of the portfolio board for energy, transport and low emissions of the Research Council of Norway

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