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Using Industry 4.0 to Reduce Potroom Emissions

Wednesday 22nd May 12:15 - 12:30

Using Industry 4.0 to reduce potroom emissions

Work conducted by the Light Metals Research Centre has shown that continuous PFC emissions is a problem that primary aluminium smelters will need to mitigate.

Dr. Mark Dorreen, Future Aluminium Forum Advisory Board Member, says that while Industry 4.0, better and cheaper sensors, potroom emissions easier for smelters, it will also make it easier for regulators to monitor emissions and set new standards.

“Fortunately, good potroom practices can mitigate bad emissions profiles. Embracing the knowledge bank Industry 4.0 delivers will be key to emission mitigation and staying ahead of future emissions regulations”.

Speaker: Mark Dorreen, Vice President - Technical at Energia Potior

Using Industry 4.0 to Reduce Potroom Emissions

Director of the Light Metals Research Centre, the University of Auckland and Vice President, Technical at Energia Potior Limited

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