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Abhimanyu Prakash

Director at AlCircle.com

Abhimanyu Prakash, Director, AlCircle, has been part of the AlCircle journey in various capacities since its inception and now leads the efforts around marketing and business development for the team. Being a third generation participant in the aluminum value chain he brings inherited knowledge in this space and has been involved over the past few years at Jiwanram Sheoduttrai and Uniseven Engineering Pvt. Ltd. which have been successfully servicing the global aluminum industry for the past few decades. His keenness in the digital space and its unlimited potential are key drivers to help achieve the AlCircle vision.

He graduated with a masters from GSAPP, Columbia University and holds a Bachelor of Architecture from India. At the Global Designing Cities Initiative, he is part of a team that developed a Global Street Design Guide and works with cities on street and public space design around the world through Bloomberg’s Initiative for Global Road Safety(BIGRS). Additionally, he is also a junior board member at non-profits such as Asia Initiatives, New York and Dakshini Prayash, Kolkata.  

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