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Claudio Goldbach

CEO at Termica Solutions

Bachelor in Chemical Engineering and Postgraduate in Environmental Management in Industry from Federal University of Paraná (UFPR, in Portuguese), Claudio Goldbach has 25 years of experience in thermal processes, and extensive knowledge in industrial equipment, electrical and gas furnaces, ovens and heaters.

He has worked for PERFIL TÉRMICO since 1992, a supplier of materials, projects, services and equipment for industrial heating and insulation, always focusing on innovation and efficiency in industrial thermal processes.

In 2005, he founded TERMICA Solutions, headquartered in Joinville/Brazil, a company focused on the research and development of solutions for thermal processes, which led to the current state of thermal processes digitalization.

In 2015, Goldbach founded TERMIA Technology, based in the USA, a manufacturer of cutting-edge technology furnaces for the aluminium market.

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