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Cristina Minari

Marketing Manager at DimaSimma

Abstract - What does Industry 4.0 mean for aluminium extrusion?

DimmaSimma introduces a complete leading logistics system that will follow the philosophy of "smart factory": CPS that collaboratse with other CPS.

In internal logistics of the factory, we have developed AGVs (unmanned automated guided vehicles) specific for the aluminum sector, as well as specific automated stacker crane to manage the handling of the baskets at the exit of the ovens.

We are just now installing, two automated stacker cranes, which will destack and manage the buffer of baskets at the exit of the furnaces, and will automatically load the AGVs, that will take care to transport them to the automatic warehouse, and an automated system of preparation of orders.

Therefore the AGVs will retrieve from the automatic warehouse the skids with the prepared orders to take them to the painting plant or to the packaging lines. 

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