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Dan Miller

Senior Process Consultant at Innoval Technology

Dan Miller is a senior rolling process consultant at Innoval Technology and a recognised expert in aluminium rolling with almost 40 years’ experience. In his career he has covering all stages of production, from bauxite refining to finishing. 

He is a world expert in flatness control and has significant experience in control systems, cold and foil rolling, plant auditing, evaluating plant data, improving gauge performance, specifying equipment and leading advanced process improvement workshops. He also teaches in several of the sessions on Innoval’s Aluminium Rolling Technology Course.

Abstract - Implementing Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has been proclaimed as the next revolution for the manufacturing industries. It promises advances in automation, in tracking and especially in data consolidation across process stages which gives far greater awareness of what’s happening within a plant.

This paper looks at one of the ways in which Industry 4.0 has been implemented. By exploiting the incremental improvements that advances in technology and speed of computing can bring to more conventional tools, improvements in productivity and efficiency are achieved. It then looks more closely at how data mining approaches can expose opportunities for more consistency and higher quality in plant operations. In its final section this paper looks at how, through the use of intelligent automation and process models, the full benefits of Industry 4.0 methodologies can be realised. 

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