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Pascal Côté

Director, Development & Innovation at STAS


Professional engineer (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, 1989) in mechanical engineering.

Director of the Development & Innovation group for STAS, a Canadian based technology manufacturer. He has been involved in new products developments for most of his career.

His work is mainly oriented towards the aluminium industry, covering all the sectors of primary aluminium production and processing. He leads a team of professionals focussed on developing innovative solutions for the industry, integrating the latest technologies.

Abstract - Role and limitations of the equipment supplier in the deployment of Industry 4.0 strategies in Aluminium production and processing

In the context of the industry 4.0 momentum, aluminium producers and processors are evaluating the perspective and defining their work plans to face these new opportunities. To support them in the achievement of smart manufacturing, technology and equipment suppliers need to play a role within the overall manufacturing process. Machine learning and artificial intelligence, for instance, are best defined and developed by the equipment suppliers as they have the deepest understanding of their technologies.

Many of the software and hardware solutions proposed related to industry 4.0 developers rely on cloud base algorithms. However, limited access to internet, that is a widely spread constraint in the aluminum industry, limit the potential gains and contribution to optimization that could come from technology providers. 

By using an “edge computing” approach, that integrates a local historian and built-in computing power, it is possible to develop advanced functions, such as advanced analytics and artificial intelligence right at the machine level. Furthermore, if combined to an open access to internet, even in an occasional or periodical base, additional benefits related to IIOT can be enabled. This is the approach deployed by STAS that is presented.         

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