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Rob Morello

Marketing Manager & Technical Sales at ALTEK

My name is Rob Morello and my role is Business Development Manager for ALTEK.  I have worked at ALTEK for over 7 years, beginning my career with a 2 year rotational graduate scheme covering all aspects of the business, before moving into a sales and marketing capacity and finally Business Development Manager.  I am heavily involved in many of ALTEK’s research and development programmes from mainly a commercial and economic perspective, three of which have been launched in the past year or so: ALTEK’s Electromagnetic Scrap Submergence System, ALTEK’s Curved Electromagnetic Stirrers (for dome furnaces) and most recently the much anticipated AluSalt Salt Slag Recycling technology. 

On-Spec, ALTEK’s in-situ rapid chemical analysis test system, is the focus of the presentation at Future Aluminium Forum and is connected to ALTEK’s Submergence Technology.  My colleagues and I visit many cast houses each year and it became very clear that there could be vast improvements to the speed and accuracy of the alloying and chemical specification analysis process.  Combining OnSpec with automated EMS submergence technology will allow for rapid chemical analysis and alloy adjustment prior to casting, improving metal quality and furnace productivity at the same time.

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