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Vincent Christ

Chief Executive Officer at ELYSIS

Established in 2018, ELYSIS is a Canadian company delivering a disruptive technology for the aluminium smelting industry. The ELYSIS™ technology eliminates all direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the aluminium smelting process and is the first technology ever that emits pure oxygen as its by-product.

ELYSIS has been formed as an unprecedented world-class partnership of two major aluminium industry pioneers - Alcoa and Rio Tinto – who have decided to join forces and combine their strength to advance this significant R&D discovery and work together to scale it up. ELYSIS is keeping the focus on completing ELYSIS™ technology development and its application to produce aluminium at commercial scale by 2024.

Mr. Vincent Christ, Chief Executive Officer of ELYSIS, will discuss at the Future Aluminium Forum the opportunities that ELYSIS brings for the aluminium industry and for Québec, in view of the upcoming start-up of ELYSIS Research and Development Centre in Jonquière, Québec.

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